This is an in-depth course in Python for those who want to learn Python from scratch and get a new job as a junior Python developer.

Duration and price:

Duration: 48 study weeks
Price: VND 34 000 000
Now only VND 23 800 000 (30% off)
Certificate: Python Institute certificate
What will you learn?
  • What Python is, how it is positioned among other programming languages
  • The basic methods of formatting, inputting and outputting data by Python;
  • The concept of variables; the rules governing the building of expressions;
  • Boolean values; loops and how to control their behaviour;
  • The difference between logical and bitwise operations; the concept of lists and list processing; the idea of multi-dimensional arrays;
  • Defining and using of functions
  • Python modules
  • The fundamentals of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and the way they are adopted in Python, showing the difference between OOP and the classical, procedural approach;
  • Python’s generators (the yield instruction) and closures (the lambda keyword); the means Python developers can use to process (create, read, and write) files.
  • Projects development in Python
After the course, you will:
launch your career as a junior Python developer, having strong practical skills in programming, working on projects and will be able to show your portfolio, as well as earn an international certificate from Python Institute
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